Welcome to the biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016!

September 1-4, at the Berlin Congress Center in Berlin

More than a gathering of communities, but a coming together of shared values and excellence to share, learn and discuss. Find out about the future of Qt development for embedded and desktop, explore issues around security across all platforms, get the latest on UI design, participate in the open source and free software debate and much more.

Qt Contributors, KDE Akademi, KDAB, FSFE and VideoLAN bring you a fantastic program that includes lightning talks, workshops, community meetings, social events and great food in the heart of Berlin. Not only that but you get a full day of pre-conference training from the Qt, C++ and OpenGL experts: KDAB.

Due to the terrific support of our sponsors, conference entry to members of the organising communities is free. Ticket prices for non-contributors and professional attendees are below.

Check out the program. Choose a training. Come join the fun.


Training and Conference

  • €325 - 2 Days, Sept 1-2, - Training Day + Conference Day 1
  • €375 - 3 Days, Sept 1-3, - Training Day + Conference Days 1 and 2
  • €450 - 4 Days, Sept 1-4, - Training Day + Conference Days 1, 2 and 3

Conference Only

  • €325 - 2 Days, Sept 2-3, - Conference Days 1 and 2
  • €375 - 3 Days, Sept 2-4, - Conference Days 1, 2 and 3

Conference attendance is free to Community Members

  • €250 - Training Day + Conference for community members

Join us as a Sponsor!

Show your support for Qt and the wider community by sponsoring this event.
Read more about sponsorship opportunities in the QtCon sponsorship brochure.

QtCon 2016 is brought to you by KDE, Qt, FSFE, KDAB and VideoLAN

Come and meet, collaborate, share the latest news of all these projects and much more

QtCon Salutes and Celebrates

  • 20 years of KDE
  • 15 years for Free Software Foundation Europe
  • 15 years of VideoLAN

Be the first to hear where the projects will be heading in the future.
Come meet old friends and make new ones at QtCon 2016!

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