2016 is a special year for many FLOSS projects: KDE has its 20th birthday while Free Software Foundation Europe and VideoLAN both have their 15th birthday. All these call for celebrations!

This year KDE, Qt, FSFE, VideoLAN and KDAB have come together to bring you QtCon, where attendees can meet, collaborate and get the latest news of all these projects at the bcc in Berlin from the 1st to the 4th of September 2016.

QtCon is open to all with a passion for Qt, open source and free software - not just members.

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KDE will continue with BoFs and hacking at Technical University of Berlin 5th to 8th

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Call for Volunteers

Are you attending QtCon? Help make it unforgettable, and get an exclusive QtCon t-shirt into the bargain. Please consider signing up to be a volunteer.

Everybody attending the conference is welcome to be a QtCon Volunteer. It doesn't matter where you are from, your age, your skills, whether you have ever attended a Free Software conference, or have ever been to Berlin before. As long as you can communicate in English, you can contribute as a volunteer.

To help us work out what quantity of each size of t-shirt to order please Sign up by 28th July as later on we may run short of some sizes, but we will do our best.