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Over 550 attendees have already registered. It's not too late to sign up for the biggest Qt event in Europe this year.

Uniquely, co-host community members and non-members can meet and share their latest knowledge in a really great venue in the heart of Berlin - you can be there too!

On September 1st KDAB offers a training day with 8 of our top class trainings at knockdown prices - including a new class on Qt 3D. Sign up now!

There are keynotes from

  • internet entrepreneur and disability rights activist, Raul Krauthausen,
  • the creator of Google Summer of Code, Lesley Hawthorn, and
  • European Parliament member Julia Reda who asks, Can people be truly emancipated and governments truly independent when they cannot (or just do not) inspect and modify the code that runs their lives?

Check out the truly awesome program!

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